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Miscellaneous Items

Seasonal Croqe-en-Bouche


Croque-en-BoucheLooking for something really special & unique?  Try a Croqe-en-Bouche, a traditional French dessert made from a tower of profiteroles (cream puffs).  Comprised of approximately 90 mini profiteroles, each hand dipped in dark chocolate and placed carefully to resemble a Christmas tree.  This fanciful creation is displayed on a beautiful silver platter and adorned with appropriate decorations befitting of the occasion.  Sheer elegance!


*Seasonal Item due to this product needing refrigeration.
Due to the manufacturing process of this cake,
please order (1) week prior to desired delivery.

 *The Croqe-en-Bouche can also be created utilizing powdered donut holes and decorated with colorful candies, easily resembling a flocked Christmas tree.  This version is equally as beautiful as its’ original, and sells for just $59.99.

Golden Globe Topiary


Golden Globe TopiaryThis strikingly lovely globe comprised of approximately 150  Reese’s® miniature peanut butter cups rising out of a mossy flower pot is sheer delight to all who is within viewing range.  Makes a great centerpiece for parties; a great gift for the peanut butter cup affecienado, or a unique gift for that person who has just about everything except for a “Golden Globe Topiary”!!

*Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for creating topiary