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Golden Globe Topiary


Golden Globe TopiaryThis strikingly lovely globe comprised of approximately 150  Reese’s® miniature peanut butter cups rising out of a mossy flower pot is sheer delight to all who is within viewing range.  Makes a great centerpiece for parties; a great gift for the peanut butter cup affecienado, or a unique gift for that person who has just about everything except for a “Golden Globe Topiary”!!

*Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for creating topiary


Personalized Hershey’s® Peanut Butter Cups

The perfect blend of peanut butter and creamy milk chocolate find themselves perfectly packaged, individually wrapped and personalized making them a simply scrumptious party favor, for everyone… anytime… any occasion! (suggested quantity per guest: 3-6 Reese’s). Each individually wrapped HersheyReese’s arrives labeled with your personalized design. Personalization – maximum characters per line including spaces; Line 1: 18, Line 2: 18.

Minimum 100 pieces
.46¢ each/$46.00

*A $25.00 fee will be added to your order for personalization

Hershey® Bar Cake

Hershey Bar H.B. Cake 2011Celebrate any occasion with this adorable Hershey® Bar Cake.  It makes a sweet gift for the chocolate lover in all of us. Surrounded by assorted chocolate minatures, and tucked inside is a surprise for the lucky recipient… a small bottle of “bubbly”..


Hershey’s® Baby Favors

Baby Chocolate Bar
A complete line of Hershey’s® brand chocolate baby shower favors. Not only is Hershey’s® a brand that everyone knows and loves, it’s the number one selling chocolate in the United States.

1.55 oz. bar $2.99
Minimum 30

Minimum 100 
.75 ¢ each

$10.00 plate charge for personalization