Jennifer C. Owens

August 2, 2013

I can’t thank you enough Joan for creating such a beautiful & extraordinary gift basket for my mother’s 65th birthday. She later conveyed to me that it was the first time she had ever received a basket where she could actually use everything! (She especially loved how the basket lit up with the pre-lit green stemmed leaves)!! My late father used to send her gift baskets from a former competitor of yours, and they were filled with a lot of “fluff”, basically tissue paper and products that were unidentifiable. Your creations are filled to the max with useful items and foods that aren’t “foreign” to the human species. Thank you again for creating such a beautiful work of art. You truly are a talented woman,  and I will definitely be spreading the word about your creativity and “I’m a Basket Case”!!

Jennifer C. Owens
Baton Rouge, LA
(Formerly of Ocean City, NJ)

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